• Box Fit

    A varied fitness class for all abilities. Box Fit instructor Glen incorporates traditional boxing techniques into circuit style exercises to enhance your cardiovascular health, burn body fat and improve your strength and coordination.
  • Core & Posture

    Low intensity class targeting improvement in your core stability, balance and posture.
  • GoFlo

    Bungee suspension training taster class to learn how to properly use the equipment and get some practice time!
    • Circuits

      This circuits class begins by each participant moving around various exercise stations, each one focused on a different muscle group. Each round of exercises will train and test your cardiovascular fitness aswell as your muscular strength, improving both simultaneously to create an overall healthier and fitter you.
    • Studio cycling

      This class is a high intensity cycling workout performed on specialist stationary spin bikes. Jules will incorporate small weight exercises for your upper body while you cycle, making this class perfect for a full body burn!
      • Body-Con Fitness

        This body-conditioning class usually consists of around 30 minutes of cardiovascular training followed by 30 minutes of free weight strength training to improve your health and strengthen your muscles. Jules & Glen both use a variety of equipment in their body-con classes so you quickly make your way around the gym; using equipment such as cross trainers, rowing machines, sledges, tyres, dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells.
        • Legs, Bums & Tums

          LBT is an intense HIIT style class which targets the muscles and fat around your legs, bum and tum. Jules uses a variety of bodyweight exercises to shed fat and tone these specific problem-areas.
          • Sculpt

            Sculpt is a non-aerobic, muscle toning class focused on using barbells and dumbbells to sculpt, tone and strengthen your body. Francesca will put you through 3 rounds of full body free-weight training while teaching you about the correct form and technique to get you weight training with confidence.